A good friend taught me that life is full of opportunities, just open your eyes, look around and choose one that fits you best. This particular piece of advice gave me a whole new perspective. Life is about opportunity. Often, if you pay attention, a series of life events can lead you to the perfect opportunity. That opportunity may not be exactly what you imagined, but this is the curious and unpredictable thing about life, and it's exactly how Wine Coast Life came to be. Through a series of seemingly, unconnected events, over many years, our brand was conceived.

                                                               Our Mission:

Fine wine and fresh water is what Michigan's Wine Coast Life encompasses. We Invite you to come and experience the vast array of charming vineyards and local wineries dotting our majestic coast. As Galileo stated, “Wine is sunlight held together by water”. We entice you to come, unwind and connect over long winding roads, majestic views and a glass of wine. Hear the waves lapping the shore, feel the sun on your face, and taste the wine on your lips. We cordially invite you to come and experience your own Wine Coast Life! Go ahead, fall in love, be enchanted, you can thank us later.

                                              Our Purpose:

Wine Coast Life endeavors to promote the stunning wine coast region, located along the breathtaking shores of Lake Michigan. Our inspiration comes from our own love of wine and unbridled devotion to Michigan, in all its wondrous beauty. After spending countless vacations and weekend getaways here, we finally picked up our family and settled here to live, in this vast, spectacular countryside. Little did we realize our home would become a bed and breakfast for family, and a youth hostel for my children’s vagrant college friends. One thing became clear, however, a favorite pastime of visiting family and friends, always included a wine tasting tour, alongside a relaxing trip to the beach! Thus began our love affair with Michigan's vineyards and wineries. This is, of course, where the inspiration for the Wine Coast Life brand originated. We raise our glass to Michigan's beaches, fresh water, and all those who produce her glorious wines.

                                                                 Our Products:

We salute Michigan’s wine coast with our brand and products. Our products will bring to mind the flavors and aromas you experienced during your wine tasting adventures. Take a tangible memory home and savor the time spent connecting with friends and family. Our products will remind you of the clean crisp air, the sandy beaches and the clink of glasses, the shared experience of sipping wine with friends watching the sunset over Lake Michigan. 


Experiences in Michigan’s wine coast are like wine, they change flavor and grow richer with time. Michigan's Wine Coast Life beckons you to return... After all, it is your Wine Coast Life. 


Judith Hindle, Owner and Founder