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Mr. Vintner in the library with a corkscrew!

On Sunday past, we braved the cold and brutal rain to visit another winery along the beautiful Petoskey wine trail, the Mackinaw Trail Winery. This winery is nestled on 30 rolling acres, along US 131 between Walloon Lake and Petoskey. They have a friendly and open wine tasting room offering hard ciders and wines from their onsite vineyard. For those that prefer a bit of nosh with their wine experience, they do offer a small selection of meat and cheese plates. As with most venues in Northern Michigan the staff was friendly, informative and helpful.

On this fine day, I discovered to my amazement, that wineries have libraries, and yet there is not one book to be found. Instead of books lining the shelves of this mysterious room, there were bottles of wine resting quietly, aging to perfection. As explained by our lovely hostess, Dawn, these wines are from previous vintages that are no longer sold. Winemakers often host private tastings and charitable events in which they offer these aged wines. It is quite typical for wineries to hold on to a stock of older vintages in a wine library. Wine libraries also allow the winemakers to regularly go back and taste their older wines to see how they are aging. If you have never experienced an aged wine, make a point to do so, it may just be a deVine experience.

The Mackinaw Trail Winery is the Petoskey regions oldest and largest winery. It is owned and operated by Ralph and Laurie Stabile. They have one winemaker and currently operate three tasting rooms in the surrounding region. They grow several cold hardy varieties including my favorite, the Marquette. Their newest variety is the Crimson Cabernet. They are open year-round, and currently offer wine tasting on the weekends. During the week you may buy wine by the glass from a large selection of whites and reds.

On this particular chilly day I sampled the Unrestricted Cuvee No. 7. This is a combination of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Shiraz and Malbec. A lovely medium bodied red wine, with a smooth and easy finish. It is one of

their more popular wine, and now I know why!

If you are “Hollowing” to get out during this bewitching time of year, try a little wine tasting at the Mackinaw Trail Winery, you will not be disappointed!

P.S Don’t forget your “library card” 😉

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